We offer eggs from our own chickens. They have free run, comfortable accomodation and healthy food. We recommend to order in advance. Price for piece 4,- CZK.
Ingredients: Horseradish, apples, sunflower oil, water, vinegar, sugar, salt, citric acid. Content: 170 ml Price: 20,- CZK  
Traditionally baked plum jam without any preservatives. Ingredients: Plums, sugar, water, vinegar, spices, spirit. Content: 300 ml Price: 45,- CZK
Whole rabbit with head and offal (liver, kidneys, heart). Frozen or fresh (on request). Usually 2 kg. Price for 1 kg 130,- CZK
Delicious jam with thiner consistency made from rose hips picked after first freeze. Ingredients: Rose hips, water, sugar, gelling sugar, spices.  Content: 300 ml Price: 75,- CZK
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